Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for liposuction | Ethics, efficacy, and safety

  1. The Venkat Center for Skin & Plastic Surgery is your premier institution for liposuction in BangaloreWe explain all methods of liposuction to the patient – conventional and tumescent.
  2. We understand the needs and requirements of each patient and try to suit the treatment of the patient.
  3. After explaining, we believe the decision is in the patient’s hands. We do not try to force any opinion.
  4. We believe in safety above all else. Even though the patient is under local tumescent anesthesia, we always have an anesthetist standing by.
  5. We rely on scientifically proven treatments. If any treatment has poor evidence, we mention this to the patient.
  6. We do not promise unrealistic results. We give only facts and allow the patient to make the decision.
  7. We never exaggerate the amount of fat that is removed. We remove what is optimal, keeping safety above all else.
  8. We transparently display the amount of fat removed during surgery.