Liposuction in Women

Why women choose liposuction?

  1. Emotional issues arising out of obesity
  2. Inability to wear a particular type of dress
  3. Changing cultural values and social trends towards western outfits
  4. Changing work profiles
  5. Physical activity such as gym, exercise

Different Areas for Liposuction in Women

What are the different areas for liposuction in women

Special Features of Liposuction in Women

  • In Indian women, who are traditionally shy, liposuction on thighs and buttocks by a male surgeon is an issue, as local anesthesia is used and the patient is conscious.
  • The timing of surgery has to suit the needs of the family, children, menstrual cycle etc.
  • More appointments during school holidays or when husband or mother in law is away.
  • Women expect to return to work quickly and are apprehensive of adverse effects.
  • Frequent post-operative visits not easy.
  • Multiple sessions are preferred for different areas
  • Mega Liposuction not preferred.

Pregnancy following liposuction does not reverse the effects of liposuction, according to studies.

Stretch marks and Liposuction

  • Liposuction patients may have extensive stretch marks.
  • These need separate management with fractional laser or micro needle RF

Breast enlargement after liposuction – DOES IT HAPPEN?

  • In over 400 abdominal liposuction in women, we have not noticed breast enlargement as a side effect.
  • However, we agree with the hypothesis that altered androgen to estrogen ratio after liposuction may occur.
  • We have noticed a number of women report breakthrough menstrual bleeding after liposuction.

Why Liposuction for your Breasts

  1. Pain, embarrassment, psychological problems
  2. Pain in neck, spine
  3. Dress issues
  4. Mammogram is a must in all patients

Issues for future breast MILK secretion

  1. Needs to be counseled
  2. Excessive liposuction is to be avoided

Liposuction and Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease

  • We have observed that in women with PCOS, liposuction can facilitate the further loss of weight and lead to improvement in the underlying condition.
  • We have noted infertile women with PCOD, who have conceived after liposuction.
  • Studies have shown improvement in metabolic profile following liposuction.
  • Better insulin sensitivity.

Liposuction and exercise

  1. We have observed that women tend to exercise more after liposuction and reduce weight more than what is expected from surgery.
  2. Perhaps reduced weight facilitates exercise.
  3. Perhaps the broken down fat is easier to remove.
  4. Motivation may be better after surgery.


  • Liposuction is an extremely valuable procedure in women.
  • It is safe and free from serious adverse effects.
  • Emotional and cultural issues need to be addressed.