Liposuction in Different Areas

Liposuction can be done almost for any area. There are minor differences in technique depending on anatomical variations. Some commonly operated areas are discussed here. What is important to know is that whatever be the area, results depend on the amount of fat taken out safely. All side effects reported have happened when large amounts are taken out; we do not cross 5-6 liters, even if patients demand and therefore we have never faced any major side effects.

What are the areas I can get liposuction done? Chin, arms, thighs, buttocks.


Both thighs are done at the same time and therefore this too is a large session. Usually, the outer aspect of the thighs is treated first. Medial (Inner) aspects need more caution as major nerves and vessels run in this area and are therefore done in another session. When thighs are treated, it is usually as a continuation of buttocks. Both buttocks can be done in one session.

Thighs are usually sought by women, who would like to wear pants and tight-fitting dresses. The results are quite remarkable and pleasing.


Tumescent liposuction is a very effective method of breast reduction for both women and men with very rapid recovery. Postoperative recovery after liposuction of female and male breasts is very quick, with patients typically able to return to work in one to three days.

Female Breasts

In some women, breasts are huge causing shoulder pain, and social embarrassment. Liposuction is a good treatment both for reducing size as well as lifting the sagged breasts. For women liposuction typically reduces the breast size by 35% to 45% and produces a noticeable elevation or lifting of the breasts. Liposuction elevates the female breasts by removing fat and reducing the weight of the breasts, thus permitting the natural elasticity of breast tissues to contract and give the breast a noticeable lift.


Arms can be treated easily by liposuction with excellent results. Care needs to be exerted while doing in the inner aspect as blood vessels and nerves run here. Also, the entire circumference of the arm is not done in one sitting for safety reasons. It is split into two sessions.

Double chin

Resolving Double Chin issues through Liposuction

Double chin can be operated within about one hour as it is a small area. This is done with special non-traumatic cannulae to avoid causing any injury. Laser lipolysis also gives excellent results here.

Double chin liposuction, fat grafting and blepharoplasty at the Venkat Center